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Product Image HT201 DC/AC Gauss/Tesla Meter

HT201 DC/AC Gauss/Tesla Meter


HT201 DC/AC Gauss/Tesla Meter

Use for:

The HT201 is a Hall Effect Gaussmeter for static magnetic fields produced by permanent magnets and also for large ELF fields. Its separate probe allows measurements to be made in very small spaces.

Please note: This meter is for measuring large static and ELF magnetic fields - please see my other items for ELF meters for measuring small ELF fields from substations, wiring circuits and appliances and for RF meters suitable for measuring EMFs from mobile phones, wifi etc.

If you are unfamiliar with EMF meters, you might like to read the guide in our 'Help and Advice' section before purchasing - or just ask us for advice; we prefer our customers to be happy with their purchase!

NOTE: The meters supplied by EMF UK are manufacturer calibrated and are suitable for general use. Customers who wish to use our meters for certain types of formal testing, for example occupational EMF assessment to meet the needs of the UK HSE or EU EMF Directives, will most likely need to arrange for certification of individual units at an approved calibration facility. This type of certification is a common requirement  for many types of test equipment, not just EMF meters.



  • Wide measuring range and high resolution
  • Easy to operate, portable and convenient to handle and store.
  • Ideal for quick quality checks and comparative measurements, with built-in polarity display.


  • Measuring ranges: 0~200mT and 0-2000mT
  • Basic accuracy: DC: ±2.0%, AC: ±5.0%
  • Resolution:  
    • DC x1: 0.00 ~ 200.00mT, 0.01mT
    • DC x10: 0.0 ~ 2000.0mT, 0.1mT
    • AC x1: 0.00 ~ 200.00mT, 0.01mT
    • AC x10: 0.0 ~ 2000.0mT, 0.1mT
    • Measuring magnetic field: DC/AC (static & dynamic 10Hz ~ 200Hz)
    • Functions:
      • Peak hold, Max hold,
      • range selection
      • unit selection
      • N/S pole display for DC measurement
      • Automatic probe zero adjustment
      • Display: 4 ½ LCD
      • Display Unit: mT/Gs (1mT=10Gs)
      • Ambient temperature: +5°C ~ +50°C
      • Storage temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C
      • Relative humidity: 20% ~ 80%
      • Power supply: +9V alkaline, block battery (not included)
      • Dimensions: 160mm x 88mm x 36mm
      • Weight: 300g
       Included: HT201 Gaussmeter meter, probe, case and instructions.