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EMF Survey Service.

Currently, EMF UK can only provide EMF surveys in the North of England.

EMF UK offers a comprehensive EMF survey service for the home, There are a number of reasons why a survey may be necessary. Typically, there may be health concerns over visible sources of EMFs such as  substations, overhead power lines or mobile phone masts; alternatively there may be concerns over unseen EMFs emanating from adjoining properties. EMF surveys are frequently carried out for home-buyers before an offer is made. Not all surveys are related to safety; there may be concerns over privacy involving wireless cctv cameras, for example, or there may be problems with interference to low power devices such as wifi or baby monitors. Sometimes a quick, basic all-round health check is all that is required. Every survey is uniquely tailored to the local environment and our customers' needs.

For its surveys, EMF UK uses professional purpose-designed equipment, including EMF meters, spectrum analyzers and directional aerials, to both measure EMFs and, where time and cost permit,  to track them to their source. A verbal summary will be provided on completion of the survey. The full results of the survey will be provided in a  written report. This report reveals the location and intensity of EMFs within the property and provides practical advice on how they can be eliminated, avoided or at least reduced, at minimal cost.

The cost of a survey will depend on the complexity of the survey, the size of the property and its distance from EMF UK's base near Preston, Lancashire. EMF surveys start from as little as £99 and neighbouring properties may be able to share the cost of a survey.  Please contact Don at  for more details and a competitive quote.